Why we decided to have CDS Procurement Agent?

Why we decided to have CDS Procurement Agent?

From the above experience and partners with international reputable companies, we decided to have an entirely different entity as CDS PROCUREMENT AGENT and serve the needs of patronage of clients.
For some time, we have been partnered with international courier companies such as FedEx and TNT whereby we have established that the local clients purchased spare parts, machinery and have new demands of technology but many lacking reliable suppliers.

From our experience, we managed reliable partners from many countries mainly in U.A.E., India, Turkey, China, U.K., South Africa, Egypt and Kenya.

From the above fact, it has made us to make a decision to have a separate entity – CDS Procurement Agent to serve the purpose.

CDS Procurement Agent’s duty will be to understand the requirements of prospective clients and do the necessary market analysis, identify the different suppliers, analyse the market trends, get the best products and better pricing and other supporting information.

We, CDS Procurement Agent want to act as a platform between the client and different suppliers for any type of industrial products and other needs