What is CDS Procurement Agent

What is CDS Procurement Agent?

The CDS Procurement Agent is an extended arm of CDS Logistics (http://cdslogistics.tz/) with over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry in Tanzania. Our main operations are based in Tanzania, with offices and agents situated across the country. Our ability to deliver seamless and quality services to clients has earned us the reputation of becoming one of the most reliable courier companies across all regions in the country. At CDS, we deliver on time every time. Our offices are supplied with modern technology and trained staff and more than hundred corporate companies enjoy our services, which prove the quality of our services.  We have gone the extra mile and expanded our services into warehouse management, clearing and forwarding services, serving overseas destination etc.

We, CDS Procurement Agent want to act as a platform between the client and different suppliers for any type of industrial products and other needs